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Be a Mindset Detective

Subject Area
Business & Professional Short Courses
Start Date
November 2024
Study Mode
Full cost
1 day
Next course start date
28th November 2024

Metaphorically speaking language is never innocent; Reveal the ‘Big Con’. Personal & Professional Development workshop.


This course is suitable for leaders, managers or supervisors for whom knowing how to create a positive mindset, ace communication and smash the ‘Big Con’ for once and for all would be a great result.

We make assumptions that everyone but us knows how to:

  • Have a positive mindset whatever the situation.
  • Use words to maximum positive effect and good results.
  • Be confident without question.

We forget that is not necessarily so. Together we will share experiences, solutions and questions to help each other make a start on exploring mindsets; discovering how to use words to influence outcomes; realising what a con the ‘Big Con’ actually is!

Taking time to invest in your personal and professional development as a leader, manager or supervisor will pay dividends. Sharing your challenges, ideas, questions will help others learn and grow. Consequently you will benefit from others experiences, ideas and solutions.

Throughout the workshop, interactive practical elements such as role-playing, group discussions, reflection exercises, and hands-on activities to ensure engagement and facilitate practical learning. Together we will design a safe space with breaks incorporated in which professionally and compassionately we can support ourselves and each other to achieve desired outcomes regarding exploring and enhancing their mindset, communication skills, and confidence, empowering them to thrive both personally and professionally. The aim is to empower leaders, managers, and supervisors with practical tools and strategies for personal and professional development.

You will leave with tips, tools & techniques that you can apply immediately. As well as a plan. Remember what you put in is always what you will get out.


Introduction and Icebreaking Session (30 minutes):

Icebreaker activity to help participants get to know each other and feel comfortable.

Introduction to the workshop objectives and agenda.

Setting ground rules for participation and engagement.

Session 1: Cultivating a Growth Mindset (1 hour):

Be a mindset detective – does yours work for you or against you

Understanding the concept of growth mindset versus fixed mindset closed versus open.

Identifying and challenging limiting beliefs; spot those self-sabotage moments and how to transform them

Techniques for fostering resilience and embracing challenges

Solutions focused always; develop self-management techniques & tools to ensure best possible results.

Interactive exercises and discussions to reinforce importance of mindset in personal and professional development.

Session 2: Effective Communication Skills (1.5 hours):

How to communicate effectively when metaphorically speaking language is never innocent?

Active listening techniques and the importance of empathy in communication.

Nonverbal communication cues and body language awareness. Be alert to language that contradicts the meaning that you intended.

Assertiveness training: expressing needs and boundaries confidently.

How to ensure great results when dealing with difficult conversations.

When in a conflict situation how to use effective solutions & strategies.

Strategies and techniques to improve client interactions.

Sabotage! Learn how to recognise the ‘butterfly nets, honey traps etc’ which sabotage communication

Practice how to use powerful questioning to ensure best possible client outcomes.

Role-playing exercises and group discussions to practice effective communication strategies.

Invest in making every word count.

Session 3: Building Confidence (1 hour):

On the QY very hush hush and strictly confidential … the ‘Big Con@ revealed

Identifying personal strengths and areas for growth.

Overcoming imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

Techniques for building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Visualization exercises and affirmations for boosting confidence.

Session 4: Application and Practice (1 hour):

Small group activities and scenarios for applying mindset, communication, and confidence-building techniques.

Peer feedback and reflection on personal growth during the workshop.

Action planning: setting specific goals for continued development beyond the workshop.

Conclusion (45 minutes):

Recap of key learnings and takeaways from the workshop.

Reflection on personal insights and growth achieved.

Commitment to ongoing development and support networks.

Closing remarks and appreciation for participation.

Programme Delivery and Costs

This course is delivered over 1 day from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Individual cost: £110.00.

Next Course Dates


Further Information and Booking

Business Partnerships, York College, Sim Balk Lane, York, YO23 2BB
Tel: 01904 770368 option 1

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