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T Levels 1

Follow our T Level trio on their two-year York College journey

Want to learn more about what it’s like to study a T Level course at York College?

Are you wondering whether the technical-based qualification might be a strong alternative route to A Level study for your first step into Further Education?

Then, hopefully, our T Level Case Study Blog will prove a valuable and informative guide.

The quality of our T Level offering for 16 to 18-year-olds was recently recognised and highlighted by national media publication FE Week.

We are currently into the fourth year of delivering the two-year qualification, which was introduced in 2020 and combines classroom learning with 315 hours of work placement experience.

It seemed the right time, therefore, to follow the journeys of some of our T Level students from enrolment to their progression beyond Sim Balk Lane.

With that in mind, we will be sitting down at regular intervals with Leadership & Management T Level students Jakub Krzemien, Hope Simpson and Harrison Davis to learn more about the qualification and the opportunities it can provide.

The first two months of the course have seen the students focus on three primary units – People, Quality Compliance and Business Context.

Included in that work has been learning more about business terms, regulations and policies with a focus on health & safety, well-being and the Employment and Consumer Rights Acts.

The students have also been given advice on interview techniques and how to write CVs and cover letters, as well as being taught about the different workplace sectors, such as public, private and third.

Jakub, Hope and Harrison all started the course in September and share their views below on why they felt the T Level route was right for them, what skills they are looking forward to acquiring on the course and where they hope it might lead them…

T Levels 2


On why he chose the course…

“I feel it can give me big opportunities in life and business because you could go into any sector in industry. The course is about managing businesses, so I think it will be good to gain leadership skills.

“While there’s also still coursework to do with T Levels, there’s less than with A Levels and the placements are the biggest difference.”

On the benefits of 315 work placement hours…

“During the work placements, the business will put their resources into you so, hopefully, it might lead to a job there afterwards, as you will know the place by then.”

On his potential plans post-College…

“Beyond the course, I would like to go into a business and work in their marketing department.”

On why he opted for York College…

“I went to The Farnley Academy in Leeds before coming here, so it’s a different environment for me, but I’m really enjoying it. I’m meeting new people and it’s been a really good experience so far.

“The bus journey in is fine, too. I mostly sleep anyway and it’s quite a quick ride.”

T Levels 3


On why she chose the course…

“I’ve wanted to do Business for ages (as a Further Education option) and enjoyed it in school, but I didn’t want to do it as an A Level with other A Levels. I wanted to focus on Business individually and I feel the work placement gives you more opportunities compared to if you were doing it as an A Level, so I thought I’d prefer that.”

On the skills she is looking forward to acquiring…

“I’m looking forward to gaining management skills – for instance, if I was to run my own business one day, I want to learn how to solve any issues that crop up and how best to manage those situations.”

On the benefits of 315 work placement hours…

“We will be getting real-life experience on the work placements. You don’t get that with A Levels, so I think T Levels can put you a step ahead of everyone pretty much.”

On what she’s enjoyed so far…

“I’ve loved finding out about all the different sectors and businesses. Even though we go into a lot of detail, I find it really interesting and it’s what I want to learn a lot from.”

On her potential plans post-College…

“I would love to go to uni and do a business degree. I’m not sure which uni yet.

“Then, hopefully, I’d like to own my own business one day. I’m not sure what type yet.”

On why she opted for York College…

“ I like the atmosphere here. In school, you tend to still get treated like a child but, at College, you get treated more like an adult.

“You do things yourself but, if you need help, you can get it. Everyone is also really supportive, especially the teachers.”

T Levels 4


On why he chose the course…

“I wanted to do a business-related course and I felt this T Level covers quite a broad spectrum and I think it will give me a wide range of options in terms of where I could go next after I finished College. You get the placements and work experience too.

“I think employers will love having all these people with that behind them and I think it will give me a head start.”

On the skills he is looking forward to acquiring…

“I want to learn about managing skills and how you make sure you are keeping on top of things, running your area effectively and staying organised. I also want to improve my ability to work with numbers and learn about what it takes to become a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).”

On the benefits of 315 work placement hours…

“I think the placement will help me build the experience and skills I need to continue progressing ahead. You can do other qualifications but, when you’re coming into the real business world, it can hit you like a brick if you’re not prepared.”

On why he felt the T Level route was right for him…

“I’m not an academic weapon, so I think this course is more suited to my people skills and I think it brings the best of both worlds together.”

On what he’s enjoyed so far…

“I’ve enjoyed looking at the researching and writing up of business plans.”

On his potential plans post-College…

“I’m hoping to do a good placement and then get taken on by a uni and do something like an apprenticeship degree.”

On why he opted for York College…

“I enjoy the freedom of coming from secondary school to York College. I feel you probably get more pressure from teachers at school but, here, you’re given a bit more opportunity to do your own thing and that makes me feel more responsible for my work.”

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