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Our top revision tips for exam success

Spring is in the air at last and while that brings sunnier weather and lighter evenings, it also means exams are on the horizon.

The key to keeping your exams stress-free and achieving a successful outcome is (you guessed it) revision.

A successful period of revision can be easily achieved with just a little planning and preparation. Here are five tips to get you on the way to a stress-free spring.

Start early: With your exams scheduled for May and June, right now is definitely the best time to find some quiet study spaces at home and in College, where you can start your revision. Last-minute cramming will only stress you out and make it harder for that essential information to sink-in, so don’t put it off – start your revision today.

Plan: So you’ve decided to start revising - that means it’s time to make a plan. Creating a revision timetable is the best way to get yourself organised early on. Work out what you need to study and spread it out in sensible, manageable sessions over the coming weeks. Remember to allow more time, early on, for your weaker subjects.

Make notes: Writing things down as you revisit them is a great way to help you remember and understand the key points of your studies. Make notes and, if necessary, make them again. Keep them short – even just bullet point length - and write them on flashcards rather than in a notebook, where they’ll get buried amongst all your other notes. Write it down and you’ll be surprised at what your brain has stored when you return to your notes in the days before your exam.

Know what the examiner wants: Your examiner wants to know you fully understand a subject rather than just possess a talent for remembering stuff. If you think you have a weak point in understanding part of your course, speak to your tutor as early as possible in your revision timetable. Don’t put off getting help on the things you struggle with. Once you’ve nailed that tricky theory you’ll be surprised how much more relaxed and confident you feel about your exam.

Be good to yourself: It’s essential you make time to relax and look after yourself in the weeks leading up to your exams. Don’t binge eat and definitely no all-night revision sessions fuelled by energy drinks. Your revision timetable must include time off. Don’t be tempted to cram too hard on the night before your exam but get lots of rest and make sure you have everything ready you need to take with you on the day. Get your student ID, pens and any other equipment all laid out and ready to go the night before.

For more help with revision and study, speak to your tutor or a Learning Support Officer.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, you can find support and help from your Progress Coach

Find out more on the Your Experience pages of the York College website