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Covid-19 update

We have been successfully supporting learning remotely on this course for a number of years in response to the challenges some students find attending every session.

Whilst there is a requirement to social distance we will deliver the course remotely, with both live and pre-recorded sessions to support you achieving your qualification.

Who is this course aimed at?

This Level 2 GCSE qualification in biology teaches you the skills and knowledge detailed in the AQA GCSE Biology single award syllabus.

You will have access to a wide range of online materials provided. Regular reading from the course textbook is encouraged to maximise your success and grade at the end of the year.

The course is fast-paced, so good attendance is required to ensure you keep up with the content and do not miss essential practical work.

The course is popular with people looking for a career change or meeting the requirements to have a science GCSE for further study.


The course covers the theoretical foundations of Biology and covers the behaviour and interactions of cells, tissues, organs and whole body systems and eventually ends with understanding man’s interaction with his environment. It also develops your practical and data analysis skills.

Entry Requirements

Students should have a reasonable grasp of Level 2 English and Maths (i.e. grade 3/4, C/D at GCSE) or be studying for a level 2 qualification in English and Maths.

Whilst we make no formal requirement for English and Maths prospective students should note 15% of the examination involves mathematical skills and there is also a requirement for good English.

Dates and Times

7th September 2020 - 31 May 2021, Monday daytime.
8th September 2020 - 18 May 2021, Tuesday evening.
9th September - 19 May 2021, Wednesday evening.

Course Length

31 weeks.

Course Content

Topics covered:

Skills developed:

Teaching Method(s)

The course is taught in a well-equipped specialist Biology laboratory/classroom and includes a range of teaching methods e.g.

Exams and Assessments

Two written exams in May/June

Paper 1 – 100 marks – 50% of GCSE

- Cell biology, Organisation, Infection and response and Bioenergetics

Paper 2 – 100 marks – 50% of GCSE

- Homeostasis and response, Inheritance, Variation and evolution and Ecology

There are 10 required practicals to complete throughout the year and the theory and application of these is examined within these two papers. There is no practical examination.


GCSE Biology.

All students are automatically entered for the Foundation Tier of the exam giving access to grades up to and including grade 5.

Students wishing to be entered for the higher tier grades 4-9) should discuss this with the tutor and demonstrate they are consistently able to work at a grade 5 level or higher in assessments and mock exams.


What should I bring?

Pen, Pencil, ruler, calculator and notebook.

Are there any additional costs?

No, the cost of all practical and exam materials is included in the course.

Where can I get additional help?

There are extensive online resources including videos of lessons to support you in reviewing the work or help if you miss a lesson.

Will I need to do homework?

To support your progress in the course you will be set weekly homework assignments. This ranges from doing questions to reading the textbook to consolidate what is taught in class.


Many students use this qualification as a stepping stone to a Level 3 course. A large proportion of students go on to health care professions such as Paramedics, Nursing and Midwifery and some go on to PGCE courses or access courses for entry to other University degrees.


£0 - £811.