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For more information about studying Physics at York College, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions document.

Entry requirements

Please see our Entry Requirements page for general entry requirement guidance.


Two year course.

What will I study?

Physics will give you the chance to investigate and understand some of the fundamental laws of the universe, ranging from the tiniest particles of matter to vast star systems. First year topics include simple electrical circuits, fundamental particles, quantum mechanics, waves and optics; as well as Newtonian mechanics, which deals with forces, motion, energy and power. The course builds on your knowledge of physics from GCSE. Topics are revisited as you progress through the first year to build confidence and help develop your understanding. In the second year, additional topics include radioactivity and thermal physics. The additional topic is ‘Turning Points in Physics’: this investigates some important experiments which helped to define our current knowledge of physics, and it links well with the main body of the course.

All the theoretical work is underpinned by regular practical work that enables you to improve your understanding of theory and develop important practical skills. Lessons are taught in specialist laboratories with access to an extensive range of practical equipment.

Good course combinations

In addition to Maths, Physics works well with Chemistry, Computer Science and Geology.

What could it lead to?

Physics is a valued subject as it develops many transferable skills such as problem solving, data analysis and team working. Together with Maths, Physics is essential if you wish to study Physics or Engineering related courses and highly desirable for many other courses at university including Maths, Computing, Architecture and Medicine. Physics graduates are highly employable and are sought after in fields such as technology, education, finance and commerce. Past students have gone on to university to study Engineering, Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Computing, Electronics, Accounting, Maths, Medicine and many other subjects.

Need some help?

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