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Entry requirements

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AS Level one year and A Level two years.

What will I study?

You will continue to study some topics familiar to you from GCSE, such as algebra and trigonometry, and you will also be introduced to new ones like calculus. Your study of maths will be divided up into two areas, Pure Maths and Applied Maths. There is no coursework, but a mathematical comprehension forms part of the assessment at A Level.

Mathematical processes consisting of mathematical argument and language, problem solving and mathematical modelling are embedded throughout the AS and A Level courses.

AS Level Maths

There are two components of the AS course, containing approximately 70% Pure Maths and 30% Applied Maths:

Topics in Pure Mathematics include proof, algebra, graphs, an introduction to binomial expansions, trigonometry, logarithms, calculus and vectors.

Component 1: Pure Mathematics with Mechanics
Topics in Mechanics include kinematics in one dimension, working with forces and Newton’s laws.

Component 2: Pure Mathematics with Statistics
Topics in Statistics include working with data from a sample to make inferences about a population, simple probability calculations, using the binomial distribution as a model and statistical hypothesis testing.

A Level Maths

There are three components of the A Level course:

Component 1: Pure Mathematics with Mechanics
Topics in Mechanics include kinematics, motion under gravity, working with forces including friction, Newton’s laws and simple moments.

Component 2: Pure Mathematics with Statistics
Topics in Statistics include working with data from a sample to make inferences about a population, probability calculations, using binomial and normal distributions as models and statistical hypothesis testing.

Component 3: Pure Mathematics with a comprehension
Topics in Pure Mathematics are developed and students are given ample advice and practice in using their mathematical skills in unfamiliar contexts in the comprehension assessment.

AS and A Level Further Mathematics

There are plenty of opportunities to broaden and deepen your mathematical knowledge and skills with Further Mathematics. Both AS and A Level Further Maths courses contain mandatory Pure Mathematics, but there is a good deal of choice and flexibility. For instance, one could delve deeper into any, or all, of Mechanics, Statistics and Further Pure, as well as exploring new areas such as Modelling with Algorithms, Further Pure with Technology and Numerical Methods.

How will I be assessed?

All AS and A Level Maths qualifications are assessed by examinations which take place each year in May and June. They vary in length according to each qualification. The two components at AS Level are 1hr 30mins each and the three components at A Level are 2hrs each.

Further Maths exams range in length from 1hr 15mins to 2hr 40mins.

University Entrance Exams

In addition to the above, there will be informal support available for students sitting university entrance exams such as STEP, AEA, TMUA or Oxford entrance papers.

Good course combinations

These courses all combine well with most other A Levels.

What could it lead to?

An A Level in Maths is helpful for many careers, especially in the areas of science, financial services, banking, accountancy and actuarial work. It is also a desirable qualification for many degrees and in some cases a necessary one, such as Physics. Past students have been inspired to go on to read Maths in its own right at top universities.

Need some help?

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Joe Windeatt

Previously of Campsmount Technology College
Studying A Level Maths and Further Maths

“I chose to study Maths at York College as I have always been highly interested in Maths. Out of all the A Levels I do, Further Maths is easily my favourite as it offers a really deep and interesting view into the different areas of mathematics and their uses. I would say that the Maths department at York College is one of the best in the country.”

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