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Industrial cleaning process occupations

Up to £12,000

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Human resources and industrial relations officers

Up to £20,000

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Careers advisers and vocational guidance specialists

Up to £24,000

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Find out how you can get ahead with an industry placements.

  1. Career progression, experience and earnings
    Gaining first-hand experience in a commercial environment will give you the chance to put your studies and developing technical skills into practice. The hands-on learning you’ll gain will be invaluable and will ensure that when you start in a job or apprenticeship, you will be seen as a frontrunner and in a position to progress quickly, potentially increasing your earnings more rapidly as a result.

  2. You’ll have a more competitive CV than others in your field
    Your CV is going to stand out head and shoulders above the rest if you demonstrate to employers that you have extended relevant experience in your chosen industry. Taking part in an extended work placement will show that you have the tenacity and skill to sustain a work placement in something you’re interested in. Make the most of this opportunity by including your personal and professional work placement achievements when updating your CV to maximise your chances of securing the job you truly desire when finishing your course.

  3. Improved chances of gaining employment as a result
    Studies suggest that 65% of graduates who take part in a work placement gain longer term employment with the company they worked with. It’s no secret that organisations are more likely to offer a student or graduate further work if they have already gained work experience with that company and have impressed their supervisor. Make the most of this experience; it’s your chance to gain a foot in the door of an organisation or company which could give you an amazing first step on your career ladder!

  4. It will help build your confidence
    What better way is there to feel confident in your future career than to do on-the-job training? Employers who have apprentices know this to be a proven way of recruiting fantastic people into their organisations whilst allowing them to train incoming employees in their ways and techniques. You will have these same benefits by doing an extended industry placement and, through advice, guidance and support from the College and your work supervisor, you are likely to feel more confident and secure when you finish the academic year, both personally and professionally.

  5. You can make useful contacts in the world of work
    It can sometimes take years for a professional in the technical world to meet others and move from one company to another. By doing an extended industry placement, you get to begin the networking process early and meet people who can help you get your career off the ground! By forging strong relationships, impressing others who you meet and networking, you’ll increase your chances of career success greatly as others see your hands-on work and potential. So go on, don’t be shy – get ready to show off your skills!
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