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Information for students about work placements.

York College students are given the opportunity to experience high-quality work placements with a wide range of local employers and in a variety of fields to help them in their career journey. There is a dedicated team of Work Placement Officers and Co-ordinators, based in room 2F125, who work closely with employers to help students get the very best experiences that industry has to offer.

Placements are designed to: give students a taste of their chosen industry, help them gain confidence, and develop their skill set to prepare them for the world of work. Work placements are typically unpaid work positions and are extremely beneficial in helping students to gain skills and experience required for their careers.

Whether you are heading into work, an apprenticeship or are still unsure what you plan to do after college, work placements are an essential part of your learning experience in preparation for your future working life.

A placement will help you because:

  • It will give you a better chance of obtaining a job or further training as your experience will give you a competitive edge
  • It will make your CV stand out when compared to others
  • You can shadow someone in the career you’re interested in and learn more about what day-to-day life in that job is like
  • You can make useful contacts in the world of work
  • You can try out a profession before you dive into it
  • It will help build your confidence
  • It will help you to learn additional techniques which will give you a clear advantage

How can I get in touch with the Work Placement Team?

The Placement Team is located in room 2F/125. Alternatively you can ring 01904 770830 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The team looks forward to hearing from you to help you with your placement.

Our placements

35-40-hour placements
These are for students at York College who will be entering into employment or an apprenticeship as their next step and is a requirement of the academic year to enable students to be work-ready in time for the completion of their course.

Also, students requiring placements for UCAS applications or to widen their breadth of career experience should also contact the team for a placement although it is not a mandatory element if education is continuing.

Your tutor or a member of the Placement Team can inform you whether a work placement is a mandatory part of your learning and can be useful in discussing existing contacts that could be used to arrange your work placement. A Work Placement Officer will help to arrange the placement, ensuring that all necessary details and Health and Safety checks are in place before it begins and will keep in close contact with your tutor so that you can be supported fully during your time on placement.

Students are encouraged to think strategically about the placement that would most benefit them and how the opportunity can be used for growth, personal development and career advancement.

Industry Work Placements
York College is now delivering 315-hour industry work placements which are built into certain vocational programmes. These work placements are required for students on specific programmes and are part of the developing programme of Technical Levels, a new set of qualifications which are part of upcoming changes to vocational learning on a national level.

Students who are part of this scheme have been notified throughout the summer of 2018 and will be given more extensive information in the Autumn term of 2018 by their tutor and designated Work Placement Co-ordinator.

This is an exciting new are of York College provision, designed to give students a clear competitive edge, extremely strong technical skills in their chosen industry, and amazing career prospects upon completion.

View our guide for students undertaking work placements.

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