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Executive Summary

Each year approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health condition and at least 1 in 6 employees experience common mental health problems in the workplace.  Research has shown that work is the biggest cause of stress which can stop people performing at their best.

Mental health conditions are often hidden due to stigma and fear of discrimination and research has shown that a culture of fear and silence around mental health is costly to employers. The HSE guidance 'First aid needs assessment’ refers to mental health in the workplace.

Whether you are working alone or part of a team, your skills, approach and knowledge of mental health will have real impact on staff’s experience of the workplace. Investing time in developing your understanding of mental health will help provide a positive and inclusive work environment which will only benefit all members of staff.

Is this seminar for me?

This 2-Day course goes into detail on a wide range of mental health conditions and the support and help provided by healthcare professionals. It covers the content of both the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications but is aimed at Trainer/Assessors and/or supervisor level within the workplace.

This programme has been specifically designed for managers or supervisors who have little or some experience of mental health issues within the workplace and would like to have more understanding in this area to help other staff members.

It is aimed at providing learners with the knowledge to recognise suspected mental health conditions, the skills to start a conversation and know how and when to signpost the person towards professional help. This course also looks at the effects of substance misuse, devising and implementing a care plan and creating a positive work environment for you and other employees. Learners will not diagnose or treat mental health conditions as this can only be carried out by healthcare professionals.

Learning Methods Used

This is an interactive 2-day workshop that will introduce the concepts of management and use exercises, group work and practical activities to help you understand how to implement these in your day-to-day work.

You will get the opportunity to practice and refine your newly acquired skills in a safe environment, beginning the process of applying them to your management approach.

Workshop Outline

Introduction and Welcome

What is First Aid for Mental Health?

  • Defining mental health
  • Stigma surrounding mental health

Identifying mental health conditions

  • Factors that can affect a person’s mental health
  • The role of a First Aider for mental health

Providing advice and starting a conversation 

  • Advice provided to a person suffering from a suspected mental health condition
  • When to contact the emergency services in respect of first aid for mental health


  • Signs of stress
  • How stress can be managed

Mental health conditions

  • Signs and symptoms the for these mental health conditions:
  • Anxiety               -   Self harm                 
  • Depression -   Schizophrenia
  • PTSD -   Personality disorders
  • Psychosis -   Bipolar
  • Eating disorders -   Suicide

Impact of substance misuse on mental health

  • Potential effects of alcohol and drug abuse on a person’s mental health
  • Potential negative consequences of substance abuse on a person’s employment and lifestyle

First aid action care plan

  • First aid action plan for mental health
  • Application of the first aid action plan for mental health
  • Support & therapy provided by professional healthcare providers for the discussed mental health conditions

Positive mental health culture within the workplace

  • Key factors in providing a positive mental health culture in the workplace
  • How to implement a positive mental health culture in the workplace

Paper Assessment

What you will learn

In this 2-day programme, you will learn the techniques and build the skills that will allow you to:

  • Develop a rounded view of what mental health is
  • Develop an understanding of how to recognise a wide range of potential mental health conditions
  • Implement a first aid action plan for mental health
  • Create a positive and safe environment to discuss mental health 
  • Advise people what help is available and where to get professional help
  • Identify and manage stress
  • Motivate, and inspire a positive work environment to promote good mental health and wellbeing for you and other employees

By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of mental health within the workplace, the importance of good communication, the basic principles of how to start a conversation about mental health, how to implement a first aid action plan for mental health and create a positive working for you and other employees.

Our trainers bring with them a wealth of experience in the subject. Our approach is professional and relaxed to quickly build confidence. We expect participants to be fully involved in the process, be enthusiastic, work hard and to have open minds to incorporate new learning.

A FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health will be issued to the learner, subject to successful assessment. This qualification is valid for three years from the date of achievement. It is strongly recommended that the learner attends annual refresher training. The learner will need to complete the full course again to requalify for a further three years.

Programme Delivery and Costs

2-day Programme – 9.30am – 4.30pm

£170.00 per delegate

Next Course Date

22nd February 2021 - 23rd Febuary 2021

Further Information and Booking

If you're interested in this course then please contact us on:

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