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Programme Content

To teach experienced users of Excel how to automate many kinds of sheet operations in macros. As well as utility macros (Sorting, Printing, Filtering etc.), user defined functions, user input, arrays and event driven macros are also covered.


  • Recording Macros Absolutely & Relatively
  • VBA Projects, Modules and Procedures - structure and coding
  • Running macros - Keys, Buttons, Events and Menus
  • User Defined Functions
  • Variables and Constants - Declaration, assignment & scope
  • Reading from, and writing to, worksheet cells
  • Objects & Collections - Properties, Methods & Object Browser
  • Handling User input and showing messages
  • Using message boxes to make decisions
  • Flow of Control commands (IF, SELECT, FOR, DO, WHILE etc.)

Day Two

  • Arrays in Excel VBA
  • Calling Excel Dialogue boxes
  • Importing Text Files and calling File, Open and Save as dialogues
  • Creating your own User Forms
  • User Form controls and properties
  • Writing code behind User Forms
  • Debugging Macros, Breaks, Watches & Run Time errors
  • Running Macros from Workbook and Worksheet events


Designed to help experienced Excel users automate common spreadsheet tasks and create end-user systems.

Delivery and Attendance

This course will take place at York College.

Two day course - 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Next Dates

22nd August 2019 - 23rd August 2019

16th April 2020 - 17th April 2020


£170.00 per delegate.

Further Information and Booking

If you're interested in this course then please contact us on:

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