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Programme Content

For those who have a basic grounding in Microsoft Excel and have already completed the Excel Intermediate course or have the equivalent experience of this extremely popular software.  It explores the more complex functionality offered by Microsoft Excel.

Course Content

Content includes

  1. Building Spreadsheets
    • Functions and Formulae, Naming Ranges, Data Validation, Formula Auditing
  2. What if Analysis
    • Input Cells, Scenarios, Goal Seeking, Data Tables
  3. Lookups
    • Numeric and Text Lookups, Index and Match Functions,
  4. Importing CSV files
  5. Pivot Tables, Charts and Macros
    • Pivot Tables, Filtering, Slicers, Pivot Charts, Macros, Running Macros, Editing Macros
  6. Delivering Workbooks
    • Workbook Protection, Templates, Excel Options

Delivery and Attendance

This course will take place at York College.

Full day course - 9.30am to 4.30pm


£100.00 per delegate.

Next Course Dates

30th March 2021

9th April 2021

1st June 2021

6th July 2021

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