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Our assertiveness training gives delegates the skills to become better managers and leaders.

Delegates learn how to use different behaviours to deal assertively with colleagues, managers, suppliers and customers. They discover how to influence people and maintain a positive working relationship, even when someone challenges their opinion or disagrees with them. The course is suitable for all levels of seniority.


Course objectives and overview.
Identifying what constitutes ‘assertiveness’ in a work environment.

Understanding your natural style

Revealing if your natural communication style is helping or hindering you

Knowing how and when to adapt your assertiveness style to really influence a challenging situation in the workplace.

Assertive behaviours

Exploring different ways to be assertive and influential in work situations.
Using your body language and voice assertively to get people to listen to you and respect your opinion.

Assertive language

Focusing your message and knowing what you want to achieve.
Using positive language even when communicating messages people don’t want to hear.
Finding a way to enthuse people by making your message positive even when they disagree with you.

Confidence and assertiveness

Feeling comfortable and having confidence when presenting your opinion assertively to seniors.
Overcoming shyness when speaking in front of a group at work meetings.
Turning nerves or anxiety into positive traits that help, rather than hinder you when you need to be assertive.

Assertiveness in practice

 Saying ‘No’ assertively when a work colleague asks you to do something that will affect your other priorities.
 Using work meetings as a focus for adopting assertive behaviour.
 Dealing with conflict assertively and sensitively.
 Developing a personal assertiveness action plan focused specifically on your work responsibilities.

Programme Delivery and Costs

The Assertiveness Training course is held over one day, from 9.30am - 4.30pm.

Individual price: £99.00. Includes course notes and tuition.

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