Entry requirements

Please see our Entry Requirements page for general entry requirement guidance. A minimum of 2 grade 6s and 4 grade 5s at GCSE including a grade 4 in GCSE English Language and a grade 6 in Maths.


Two years.

What will I study?

Practical programming forms a significant element of the course. Programming in Python using a Raspberry Pi establishes skills in programming that are developed throughout the course. Students will also gain an understanding of all levels of programming languages. Strategies for problem-solving are studied, together with information management techniques. Students will gain an understanding of computer hardware and software functionality as well as a detailed appreciation of how computer architectures operate. The course addresses all stages of the life cycle of computer software. The background to computing, including its consequences in society, is also a focus.

The course is organised into four modules including practical programming elements in both years.
The modules are:

Good course combinations

This course combines well with most other A Levels.

How will I be assessed?

Year 1: Two written examinations (1 hour 30 mins) (50%).
Year 2: One written examination (2 hours) (60%).
Practical project – code and coursework report documenting a programmed solution to a real problem (40%).

What could it lead to?

Computer Science is an extremely useful A Level, leading into a wide variety of computer-based disciplines, plus technologically rich subjects such as engineering or science. It combines well with maths and sciences. This new qualification was written in consultation with universities and industry to accelerate success at degree or foundation degree, whilst also ensuring a pathway into employment in industry involving computing or problem-solving skills.

Need some help?

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