York College

If you need to resit any of your exams, information about resits can be found here.

Exam Resits

You should speak to your tutor before applying for a re-sit to see if this is a suitable option for you. The Exams Office cannot advise you if you should re-sit or not. To apply for re-sits you must complete ‘Form 2: Re-Sit Entry’ and pay the appropriate fee to the Finance Desk.

The form can be collected from outside the Exams Office – 1F117.

Deadlines for applying for re-sits apply, and any requests handed in after the deadline are subject to increased fees.

Please find the link to the 2019 - 2020 Re-sit Fees and Deadlines Document.


For A Levels: if your overall mark increases you will receive a full refund of the re-sit fee.

For GCSEs: if your overall grade increasesyou will receive a full refund of the re-sit fee.

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