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York College Exam Timetables

Exam timetables for A Level and GCSE students are available through your ProPortal account.

 For a copy of the instructions to explain how to access your exam timetable, click here.

Please note: you will receive a text message confirming your access arrangements. Please ensure we have an up to date mobile number.

Students completing on-demand or vocational exams will have exam date, time, and location information sent to them by their tutor.

See below for our different awarding body exam timetables:

Each awarding body's timetables will be updated here when available, check back on this page as they will be updated as soon as we have them.

GCSE Exams

For a full list of GCSE exams please see the links above but for quick reference, you can find our English and Maths GCSE exams dates below:

GCSE Maths

Dates TBC.

GCSE English

Dates TBC.

Exam Clashes

Two papers that clash and result in a total exam time of three hours or less is known as a follow-on. You will complete one after the other, without leaving the exam room – though this will be confirmed on the day.

Two papers that clash and result in a time of over three hours is known as an exam clash.

You will be supervised and isolated from other candidates from the end of the morning exam until the start of the afternoon exam. Upon completion of your morning exam, it is essential that you remain in your seat until collected by the invigilator to be taken to the isolation room. You will not be permitted to leave the isolation room so you should bring a packed lunch and drink. You must not be in possession of any electronic devices during this period.

One paper will be displaced and this will show on your timetable. If you drop one of these subjects, which results in you no longer having a clash, you must inform the Exams Office (1F117) as the displaced paper will return to its original time.

If you have three or more exams in one day totalling over 6 hours, a paper can be moved to the following day, however as per JCQ instructions, this is only done in very exceptional circumstances.


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