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If you need special considerations when taking your exams, you can find the information here.

Access Arrangements and Special Considerations

York College can provide support to students with disabilities, special educational needs, or temporary injuries in their exams. To apply for these access arrangements you must be assessed by Learning Support.

To refer yourself to Learning Support please complete a self-referral and data protection form, available from the Learning Support Office in 1F038, or contact Sandra Jackson at the office or through 01904 770172, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are in any doubt on what to do please speak to your Progress Tutor.

Please find the self-referral form here

Please find the data protection form here

Learning Support will assess you to ensure that you are entitled to access arrangements. Access arrangements can only be applied for if the arrangements are your ‘normal way of working’, or if you have had an unexpected injury that will impact how you take an exam. For example, if you are applying for the use of a word processor in exams, Learning Support must have evidence that you use a word processor to complete work in class, and that not using a word processor for an exam will substantially disadvantage you.

Access arrangements you are entitled to will be written on your timetable. Separate exam rooms for access arrangements can be found on the notice boards printed on the day of the exam. If you believe you are entitled to access arrangements that are not shown on your timetable, contact the Exams Office immediately.

Access Arrangements Deadline

You must make Learning Support aware as soon as possible of any arrangements you may require as there is a strict deadline, set by the awarding organisations, to when access arrangements can be applied for. You may not receive any access arrangements if you apply to Learning Support after this deadline.

The deadline to process applications for access arrangements for Summer 2019 is January 2019.

If you suffer from an unexpected injury after this deadline, which may impact your performance in exams, please contact Learning Support immediately.

Access Arrangements from Secondary School

If you were entitled to any access arrangements in secondary school it is important to know that these will not carry forward to York College, and in most instances you will have to be reassessed by Learning Support. This is because we will not have evidence that establishes your normal way of working.

Access Arrangements for November Resits

For students taking November resits who require access arrangements and who have only joined York College in September: we advise you do not take GCSE resits immediately that November, as there will not be enough time to establish your normal way of working and York College would not have the required evidence to provide any access arrangements. You should apply for resits the following November.

Special Consideration

If you feel you have been disadvantaged during your exam due to unavoidable exceptional circumstances beyond your control, please contact the Exams Office as soon as possible after your exam. Evidence is required and you must contact us within seven days of the exam. Requests made after this may not be accepted.


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