York College

Here you can find a conclusive cheklist you can complete before taking your exams.

York College Exam Checklist

¨ Ensure York College has your up to date address


When You Receive Your Timetable

¨ Check your name and date of birth is correct on your timetable

¨ Check you have been entered for all the exams you are expecting to be entered into

¨ If you are entitled to access arrangements, check that they are complete and accurate

¨ If you have an exam clash note the new times of your exams


Before the Exam

¨ Check you have a black pen, pencils, any mathematical instruments, and any equipment required for the exam

¨ Note your candidate number; this must be written on every answer booklet

¨ If you have an clash exam that is over three hours prepare a packed lunch and a drink

Day of the Exam

¨ Ensure you have your York College ID Card with you

¨ Make sure to leave for York College with plenty of time to spare, to arrive 15 minutes before the start time

¨ Ensure you have no electrical devices including phones and smart watches on your person

¨ Check the notice boards in the Atrium to confirm the exam location in the event there have been any changes

¨ If you have access arrangements that require you to be in a separate room - proceed directly to that room

¨ If your exam is in the Sports Hall, note your seat number outside on the notice board

In the Exam

¨ If your exam is in the Sports Hall, proceed to your designated seat number – do not change seats

¨ If you are entitled to extra time this will be noted on your desk. If there is no note and you are expecting extra time, advise the invigilator before the exam starts

¨ If you are entitled to any other access arrangements these will be given to you in the course of the exam

¨ Listen carefully to the invigilator’s announcement

¨ Make sure you have the correct exam paper and read the exam paper instructions carefully 


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