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Following the interruption to learning caused by COVID-19 the Government have provided schools and colleges with a one off, ring-fenced fund in 2020/21 to provide small group catch-up sessions for students who experienced disruption to their studies in the spring and summer terms of 2019/20.

At York College we will provide online or face-to-face small group support for 16-19 Study Programme students with a GCSE English and/or maths grade 4 or below or who are experiencing difficulties relating to the disruption to their vocational studies.

The College will provide support specifically related to the following three strands:

  • Vocational Skills for successful study
  • Key English and maths topics for progression
  • GCSE English and maths autumn / summer exams revision sessions

Each session will contain a maximum of five students to ensure that each student receives the intensive catch up support they require to make up for the disruption to their learning following lockdown.

Vocational skills for successful study

As part of our commitment to up-skilling our students’ vocational skills both theoretical and practical, catch-up sessions will aim to ensure that each student is confidently able to develop their practical and technical skills, access and contribute to controlled assessments and contextualise English and maths to their vocational subject.

Key English and maths topics for progression

To ensure that students are equipped with the key skills and knowledge required, it is crucial they have a good understanding of the key concepts of both English language and mathematical principles. Therefore, sessions will focus on developing the critical analysis, reading and numeracy skills required to make progress on their GCSE course. 

English and maths autumn / summer exams revision sessions

Students will be directed to a menu of bespoke sessions tailored to their needs. Each session will focus on key topics and or the exam techniques required to secure their GCSE target grade.

Staffing the support

In order to provide students with impactful support, the College will allocate vocational and English and maths specialists to provide the small group catch-up sessions.

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