York College

Dear Student 

As you know, England has now entered a second phase of ‘national lockdown’.  Unlike the prior period of lockdown, College is expected to continue to function and provide access to education and training.  That means that, whilst the overall advice is to stay at home, you are permitted to travel for education, and we look forward to welcoming you back to campus, when you are next due in. 

Over the last week I know that you have been in touch with teaching and assessing staff and are continuing to make progress in your studies.  Alongside this, staff have been working on reviewing and evaluating course delivery models to make sure that the amount of live and interactive content available, is maximised.  In line with the most recent Department for Education Guidance, we may revise course delivery models for adults and University Centre students, which could include a larger amount of online delivery, where it’s appropriate.  For all other students we are seeking to retain the amount of on-campus delivery and complement this with high quality online learning. 

As was the case prior to half term, there are some important safety measures which we need you to follow on campus and some which you must follow when travelling to and from campus.  Below this note is a summary of the safety measures which are in place to minimise the risks to all of us on campus. Please do make sure you are familiar with them. 

As you return to campus next week, in addition to the more detailed list of safety measures, I want to draw your attention to a small number of specific matters, I’d like you to be aware of: 

  • During the national lockdown we are only permitted to meet one other person, outside, who is not part of our household.  This means you should not meet up in groups, off campus, with people you do not live with, even if they’re in your class. 
  • Classrooms should be filled up from the back to help maximise the distance between staff and student, and students should not enter the zone at the front of the room marked out for the staff member.  When leaving, students should exit with those closest to the door leaving first. 
  • Some staff members have underlying vulnerabilities which may mean they ask you to wear a face covering in the classroom, please help us all to stay safe by complying with this, unless you’re exempt. 
  • We need to have good ventilation in the building which means the windows will be open across the campus.  As we approach the colder period, it may mean that it’s a bit colder inside than usual – please make sure you’ve got something warm to wear if it’s a particularly cold day. 
  • Tesco has installed a new automatic entry system, which counts and regulates the numbers of people in store.  This may result in longer queues and longer waits.  If you are intending to visit Tesco, please remember to observe social distancing when queuing, when in store and that it’s mandatory to wear a face covering when inside the store, unless you’re exempt.  You should also not enter the store with people you do not live with.
  • Our own on campus facility, Café 1827 serves a range of hot and cold food and you may find it quicker to get food there. 
  • We have changed the college coach online ticketing system. We have changed the College coach online ticketing system to help us with ‘track and trace’ should we need to use it on any of the College coach routes. For tickets purchased online for Monday 9th November 2020 onwards, you will only be able to purchase daily online tickets. You will firstly be asked to choose your route number, 1 to 15 and then choose your zone i.e. Inner, Mid or Outer. If you are not sure of your route, details can be found on the transport page of the college website under the heading ‘timetable for 2020/21’. Please note, the wearing of face covering throughout the whole of your journey on College coaches is still mandatory. 

We all look forward to seeing you on campus when you’re next due in. 

My best wishes 


Lee Probert 

Chief Executive and Principal 

On campus it remains the case that the following measures are in place: 

  • Face-coverings are required in all communal, social and circulation spaces - this may include classrooms if you’re using it at a break or lunchtime.  We’ve provided everyone with access to free, washable, face-coverings.  You can help us by reminding each other to wear them.  Wearing a face-covering can help reduce the transmission of the virus.  If you are legitimately exempt from wearing a face covering, please contact Student Services who can arrange for you to be issued with a discreet means of identifying that’s the case, which will prevent you being challenged. 
  • Face-coverings must be worn on College buses, just as they are on public transport.  Do fill up from the back and use the hand-sanitiser provided on entry. You may remove your face-covering in café areas if you are eating a meal and/or drinking 
  • The site has been laid out to support social distancing.  Please don’t move furniture around, either in classrooms or in social spaces.  No more than four chairs should be around tables in our café areas. 
  • Staff will be staying two metres away from students, please do not enter the zone in the classroom marked out for staff and do fill up classrooms from the back. 
  • Be sure to follow the directional signage around the building.  The central stairs are up only.  Each floor has at least four other stairwells (one in each wing) you can use to travel both up and down.  The reason we’ve done this is to prevent bottlenecks in the flow around the building and to avoid creating places where large groups of people end up gathering. 
  • The lifts must only be used by one person at a time – except where an additional person is required for support, such as for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.  This applies even if you’re in the same class group.  Restricting the number of people in the lift will mean there is a more effective change of air in the lift, when the doors open and the person leaves. 
  • Please use the designated smoking area at the front of the building, near the Construction Centre – but do remember to maintain social distancing in that area too.  People must not smoke in the walkway to the smoking area.  You must not congregate off campus to smoke – gatherings of people are now banned. 
  • Please wash your hands regularly.  If you can’t wash your hands, for at least 20 seconds, do make use of the hand sanitiser that’s available all through the building.  Do also use the wipes and other cleaning materials to wipe down areas that you’ve used. 
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