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New to the teaching profession?  Want to find out how we can support you to obtain a teaching qualification?

At York College we feel it is important for all teaching staff to obtain a professional teaching qualification, which is why we require all unqualified teachers to obtain a teaching qualification.

Salaried teaching staff must obtain either a Certificate in Education, PGCE or Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (or equivalent) within two years of their appointment. The two year deadline commences from the 1st September after the date of appointment to the teaching role. In some situations, for example where you have no teaching qualification whatsoever, you may also be required to obtain a Level 3 Award in Education and Training. This must be achieved within 1 year of appointment.

Salaried staff undertaking a Certificate in Education/PGCE or equivalent are entitled to 35 hours annual teaching remission (pro rata for proportionate staff).

Part-time variable hour staff must obtain a Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (formerly CTLLS) within two years of their appointment.

Financial Support

We know that qualifications are expensive which is why we will subsidise the cost of your training and if you are working in a shortage subject (Engineering, Construction, Maths, English or Science) we will pay 100% of your teacher training course fees.

To help manage the cost we allow staff to pay for their qualifications through salary sacrifice. This means you can spread the cost of the course over a period (typically 12 months). The net cost is reduced by savings in tax and NI. Alternatively, Adult Loans are available for the Level 5 Diploma (or equivalent).

Additional qualification requirements for Teachers of English and Maths up to Level 2 (Skills for Life, Functional Skills and ESOL)

In addition to the requirement to obtain a teaching qualification detailed above, the College requires Adult Literacy and Numeracy, Functional Skills and ESOL tutors teaching up to Level 2 to obtain a Level 4 Specialist Certificate in teaching Maths or English in their primary specialism. This is an “in house” qualification accredited by NCFE.

The deadline for achievement of the Level 4 Certificate is either:

(a) within one year of completing the relevant teaching qualification in (ii) or (iii) above, or
(b) within one year of appointment if the teacher already possesses the requisite general teaching qualification. The one year deadline commences from the 1st September after the start date.

Similar salary sacrifice arrangements also apply for this qualification

Staff Teaching Functional Skills whose main subject specialism is not English, Maths or ESOL

Teachers delivering Functional Skills must either possess a relevant English or Maths qualification at Level 3, or be able to demonstrate appropriate competence at that level.

Additional qualification requirements for all teaching staff

All Tutors must possess literacy and numeracy skills at Level 2. This may be demonstrated either through an appropriate qualification, or through in-house diagnostic testing.

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