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Counselling Home Page - How to make an appointment and much more

Updated 6th January 2020

This is a service for York College students only -  to make an appointment - right click to 'save' the Referral Form  into your own area of your computer, complete electronically and then email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or print a copy and complete by hand and then hand it in to the InfoZone. 

If you are struggling please consider seeing your doctor.  You can also access useful information on the counselling pages of the intranet.

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York College Counselling Service Leaflet

Referral Form

What is counselling?

Without the pressure of being judged, counselling offers a space to explore issues that are causing distress – whether they happened in the past, are happening now, or concerns to face in the future.  It can be an opportunity to discover choices about what can be changed and how our perception affects the way we deal with things.

The counsellors work to the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) code of ethics. Work within the Counselling Service is confidential.  This means that we will not speak to anyone outside the Counselling Service about what is said to us without your permission.  There are particular circumstances when we might have to break confidentiality and these are usually when someone is at serious risk of harm.  We discuss confidentiality at the initial meeting and during ongoing counselling.

What happens next

1. We will arrange to meet you for a chat about counselling as soon as possible after receiving your referral form.  This meeting allows us to ensure that the College Counselling Service is appropriate for you.  It also gives you the facts you need to make an informed choice about whether or not you want to come to counselling.

2. There is always a waiting list for ongoing counselling – usually longest towards the end of the autumn term.  We do our best to see people for ongoing sessions as quickly as possible.  While you are waiting we suggest you look at the counselling pages on the intranet.  At the initial meeting we will talk about what you are already doing to help yourself and what's working.  You can also access self-help leaflets about specific issues.

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