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North Yorkshire Youth Commission on Police and Crime - see more information here

NYYC supports, challenges and informs the work of the Police & Crime Commissioner and North Yorkshire Police.

A key part of NYYC’s role has been to gather the views of other young people through peer-to-peer research. This peer research process provides a safe environment for young people to talk to their peers about the issues. The views gathered from young people were analysed by the Youth Commission in order to create a set of recommendations to present back to the Police & Crime Commissioner, North Yorkshire Police and partners.

The attached report is grounded in an extensive evidence base of over 3,300 conversations with young people across North Yorkshire during 2017-18. This report is intended to act as an honest, independent record of what young people have told us through this ‘Big Conversation’ process. It is also intended to be a basis for further action on the part of the Police & Crime Commissioner, NYP and relevant partner agencies.

If you are interested in getting involved by supporting or collaborating on a campaign or hosting a workshop or training event please get in touch.

 NYYC Final Report

Submitted by Sue Beanland 26th September 2018

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