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Measles is currently circulating in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Measles is highly infectious and can cause serious illness. Public Health England are asking that we raise awareness of the disease and encourage vaccination amongst your students to ensure they are completely protected.

Key Messages

  • Students are at risk of measles if they have not had 2 MMR vaccinations in the past.
  • If you are unsure whether you have had two MMR vaccinations, you can check with your GP. It is not too late to be vaccinated and is completely free.
  • If you have symptoms of measles, stay at home and phone your GP or NHS 111 for advice. STAY AWAY from GP surgeries and A&E departments – you could spread the illness to others.
  • Symptoms include: high fever; sore, red, watery eyes; coughing; aching and feeling generally unwell; a blotchy red brown rash, which usually appears after the initial symptoms.
  • Visit nhs for more measles information.

The following resources may be of use:

1. Think measles: patient leaflet for young peoplepatient leaflet for young people