York College

13/05/21: Flood update. From Monday 17/05/21 all Higher Education and Adult (inc Access) students can return to college for all lessons – please do check your student account in case there is a room change.

Important notice to all students using College coaches

 Poor behaviour on College coaches is not acceptable

All incidents of bullying will be subject to the College Disciplinary Procedure

  • Respect your driver and fellow passengers
  • Do not bully other students
  • Remain seated at all times when travelling. Standing is not allowed!
  • Move up to allow others a seat, do not take up a seat with your bag
  • Respect the vehicle, leave it clean and tidy, take litter with you
  • Do not smoke or vape

Report incidents of concern on a coach incident card available from InfoZone/HelpZone providing date and time and Route No. Alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submitted by Sue Beanland 30th November 2017

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