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The Osborne Trust

We are now taking applications to the Osborne Trust, deadline  11th April 2019

This fund provides small grants to students, for study related activities or items, who are not eligible for support funding from any other Bursary Fund available to the College

Applicants must satisfy either criteria 1 or 2, plus criteria 3 and 4.

1. Not eligible for bursary funds provided to the College from either the ESFA or HEFCE.

2. If receiving any support funding from the ESFA or HEFCE, then the purpose for which the Award is required is outside the scope of that fund.

3. Undertaking a qualification, or programme of study, lasting for more than 24 weeks

4. Application to be ‘sponsored’ by Progress Tutor or member of staff providing ‘Support for Students’ (e.g. member of Learning Support Team or Student Services Team)

Application forms are available from the HelpZone and InfoZone or download from here:  OSF Application Form


Submitted by Sue Beanland 21st January 2019