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11th November 2019

At 11 o’clock on Armistice Day students and staff at York College held two minutes silence. They were led by Uniformed Services students who stood in quiet reflection remembering those who gave their lives in the World Wars.

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Staff members, from the Engineering department at the College, proudly wore their military medals and 17 year old Extended Diploma Performance & Production student, Isabel Thompson, played the Last Post.

Uniformed Public Service students learn about war and conflict, leadership, government policies, teamwork, international institutions and human rights, they also participate in outdoor and adventurous activities. Their studies equip them with an understanding of the skills and knowledge required to embark on a career in the Uniformed Services.

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Uniformed Services students Ellie Clough and Nils Sanford-Karlsson intend to have a career relating to the Uniformed Services, with Ellie hoping to be a paramedic. Ellie (formerly of the Vale of York) and Nils (formerly of Fulford School) said Armistice Day is important to them and they were deeply moved to wear their own uniform and poppy and share in the two minutes silence, it gave them an opportunity to show their appreciation for all the lives lost.

Si Wheeler, from the Engineering department at the College, said: “The faceless figures were created from mdf and aimed to reflect all aspects of the impact of the First and Second World War, whatever their gender, faith or country of origin.”

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