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7th November 2019

A new exhibition in The Gallery at York College features Perilune Behind the Scenes, by Mister Finch – a textile artist w whose fairytale creatures and books bring fairytales bang up to date with surprising and often dazzling results.

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Self-taught, Mister Finch works alone in a small studio in Leeds, taking old and found objects and sewing and twisting them into characters with strange roles and jobs.

In the past he has created Badgers running a secret post office system, wishing mice and spiders who carry love letters and this year we meet Perilune a magical hare boy, a huge pink bumblebee and moonlit tales of the sea. Mister Finch's show brings all the props and pieces from his latest book together, from the stories main hero Perilune himself to the curious Marvelings...his moon guitar and favourite red kite.


This display of hand made and hand sewn objects grants the viewer a rare chance to see everything up close. From vintage velvets, brass wheels to a glaring single moon eye this strange and magical collection is a real Christmas treat for all ages.

Perilune Behind the Scences runs from 11th November – 19th December in the York College Gallery.


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