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12th September 2019

Students embarking on Art & Design courses at York College have been busy settling into College life, getting to know their peers and tutors, whilst working on a Kitsch group project – having fun in the best possible bad taste!

Crocodile KidWEB

Previously students were set a summer holiday project to make 2D pieces inspired by kitsch objects which they considered to be in poor taste because of the their excessive garishness or sentimentality. At the start of term students arrived at College armed with their pieces ready for display in the Art & Design corridors. Taking inspiration from their individual Kitsch pieces, the students are enjoying developing their ideas, working in groups to create 3D sculptures on the same theme - the more Kitsch the better!


Art Foundation Diploma students Abbie Rawcliffe (previously of Archbishop Holgate School) and Olivia Lyon (previously of All Saints RC School)  found the project to be a great icebreaker.  Their group sculpted a rocket lava lamp and had a few logistical design problems to work out. Abbie says: ""The project has been stress-free and more fun than my A Level exams last year.  Not having tried sculpture work before it's been great experimenting with different elements and coming up with ideas as a group."   Olivia adds: "It's been a great opportunity to get to know my coursemates better. Even though some of my school friends are on my course it has been enjoyable talking to other students and making new friends." 

Lava lampWEB

Harry Ewbank studied the Extended Diploma in Art & Design at York College last year, progressing to the Art Foundation Diploma this year.  His group has worked on a spider sculpture, inspired by Paris Hilton, Ronald MacDonald and spider legs, based on horror and gore, glamour and gemstones, including light up bits.  He says: "It's garish and ugly - so very kitsch!  It's been a great team effort over three working days and a very good way to kick off my course.  I've had to find a different approach to my work and this project has pushed me to think differently."


Phoebe Hunter (previously of Garforth Academy) is an Art Foundation student and has worked with her group to make a seesaw sculpture, with one half depicting life and other - death.  She says: "Our sculpture is called 'hanging in the balance' and is based on light and dark elements of our kitsch findings. We have communicated well and had great fun putting our ideas together - it has worked really well."

 See sawWEB

Another group made a telephone, based on retro toys from the 90s, with elements of furry animals and other garish playthings:


Art & Design tutor Steven Hemmingway is inspired by the students’ creativity: “There are some amazing ideas here, it is great seeing our new students taking on the brief and running with it. They have created ‘Kitsch’ with a real sense of elaboration and adventure.”



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