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4th July 2019

Congratulations to five York College students who have been awarded Student of the Year titles in recognition of their personal and academic achievements throughout the 2018/19 academic year.

 Hollie Blake and Katie with SOTY trophiesWEB

(Hollie Wallbank, Blake Chaplin and Katie Laskey)

Ibu and tareqWEB

(Tareq Aloush and Ibu Majid)

Student of the Year trophies were presented in five categories; A Levels, Vocational, Higher Education/Adult, Foundation Maths and Foundation English as follows:

A Level Student of the Year 2019 - Blake Chaplin

Blake studied A Levels in Economics, Modern History and Mathematics and an EPQ,. Adapting well to the freedoms and responsibilities of the college environment and the demands of advanced level study, Blake has proved himself to be an intelligent, hardworking and thoughtful student. Setting high standards for himself, he has impressed his tutors with the sheer detail, volume and speed of his work. Blake has contributed greatly to class discussions and also worked exceptionally well on his own, demonstrating real motivation. Blake has done brilliantly to be awarded an academic scholarship to one of the top Liberal Arts Colleges in the States; Amherst, Massachusetts. The scholarship includes academic fees and living expenses and travel home once a year, it is worth approximately $78,000 per year for a four year course. The scholarship process has been supported by the Sutton Trust and is given by Amherst.

 Blake Chaplin and the PrincipalWEB

Vocational Student of the Year 2019 - Hollie Wallbank 

Hollie has performed incredibly well on the Level 2 Information & Creative Technology course, producing work of an excellent quality and achieving distinctions in every unit. Her attitude and approach inside and outside the classroom has been superb and she has taken pride in everything she has does. On her study days Hollie also studies at St John’s Catholic School for the Deaf therefore, unlike a lot of students, she works full-time, 5 days a week. She also travels a near 300 mile round-trip at weekends to go home (requiring her to set off at 5am to attend College on Monday!) – her commitment and effort has never waivered. Hollie has studied English alongside her main study programme and again, she has been 100 per cent committed to her studies, doing everything asked of her and more.
Hollie is also overcoming and improving her listening ability which is allowing her to produce excellent quality work. Everyone is delighted that Hollie is progressing onto the Level 3 Extended Certificate in IT in September.

 Hollie Wallbank and the PrincipalWEB

HE/Adult Student of the Year 2019 - Katie Laskey 

Katie has studied the Access HE Diploma in Nursing & Midwifery.  She has shown incredible resilience and courage managing her interviews and college work whilst her baby son was in hospital. Always professional, Katie has demonstrated exceptional qualities that suggest she is going to make an outstanding paediatric nurse. She has shown incredible determination over the year, liaising with staff when the need arose and she has epitomised the values embedded in the nursing code of practice. Despite her personal circumstances, she has achieved an outstanding number of Distinction grades, reflecting her academic ability, excellent attendance, organisation and work ethic. Katie is holding two offers for paediatric nursing at local universities and is sure to have a wonderful career ahead of her.

Katie Laskey and the PrincipalWEB

Foundation Maths Student of the Year 2019 – Tareq Aloush

Tareq is a former ESOL student and he is currently studying Level 3 Information Technology as well as Maths and English. Tareq had no formal prior attainment in maths and he was initially given a Grade 1 target grade, but he was not content with this and set himself a more challenging target of a Grade 4. Over the year his Maths tutors have been so impressed with his efforts, saying he has worked tirelessly to ensure he makes progress. Throughout the year he made continual progress; taking additional work home which he brought back for marking and feedback. He often asked for even more work so he could achieve his own personal target grade. His thirst for learning and 100% attendance means he has a great attitude to learning and he is a wonderful role model for his peers.Tareq has not let the language barrier affect his learning and he often translated mathematical terminology so he could continue his work independently. Tareq has done everything he can to ensure he achieves his target grade and he is a shining example of what a student can achieve through sheer determination and hard work.

Tareq with the PrincipalWEB

Foundation English Student of the Year 2019 - Ibu Majid

Ibu is a real inspiration to his peers both inside the English classroom, on the Level 2 Sport programme and outside the College. He has shown an extraordinary amount of determination and commitment to learning English and preparing for the GCSE exams. He is very optimistic and makes his peers joyous in lessons with his positive attitude. He has demonstrated great strength, will power and positivity in his studies.

Ibu Majid with the PrincipalWEB

Lee Probert, Chief Executive and Principal of York College, presented each student with a Student of the Year trophy and prize, saying: “I am incredibly proud to recognise the achievements of our Students of the Year, who are most deserving of their individual accolades. They have each demonstrated a massive commitment to their studies and they have worked so effectively alongside their tutors. They have also shown a wonderful generosity towards their fellow students, which is so commendable, especially when at times they have faced their own adversities. I thank them for their contribution to the life of the College and wish them every success as they progress onto the next stage of their careers.”


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