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2nd April 2019

Students from all areas of York College attended a hard-hitting extra-curricular performance workshop by Odd Arts Theatre Company, entitled ‘Blame and Belonging’, to gain a better understanding of Anti-Extremist behaviour.

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The interactive workshop challenged the stereotypes and promotion of terrorism and extremist views and put a spotlight on dangerous behaviours. Students were able to use the performance as a platform for discussion to explore the warning signs which can lead to terrorism and extremist behaviour.

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Students can access the workshop over two days.  During a performance, stonemasonry apprentices, media and professional cookery students were encouraged to empathise with the characters, and not pass judgement or under-estimate the importance of talking and listening to individuals, giving the characters the opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions.

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Media student Thea Jemmings, who has come to the College from Malaysia, interacted with the actors during the performance, she said: “It was very good. I think theatre is a great way to put ideas, information and messages across, it’s not like reading a text book. I felt comfortable joining in and talking to the different characters.”

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Ingrid Kellock, Student Development Manager at York College says: “The engaging workshop helped to increase students’ level of understanding of anti- extremism, developing their knowledge of the subject further following coverage of the topic in group tutorials. It also helped to increase their confidence and safety in the community.”

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