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15th March 2019

Technical and professional students, who are also re-taking their English and maths qualifications at York College, attended a motivational careers talk by guest speaker Steve Mosey, a former Senior Operations Director for Morrisons. 

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Putting the spotlight on careers, Steve shared top tips on how to survive and thrive in a work environment, highlighting the type of qualities employers look for when recruiting.  Speaking about his own working life, having had 19 jobs and 24 different bosses, he emphasised the need for a personal toolkit of qualifications and extra-curricular experiences to make individuals stand out from the crowd.   Steve said: “Being able to demonstrate your personality traits and interests helps an employer to understand who you are and whether or not you have the qualities they are looking for; resilience, team work and good communication skills. Personal qualities and experiences, coupled with the relevant qualifications, ultimately enable you to grow and develop in the job market.”

Students heard how important it is to have English and maths qualifications on their CV. When applying for university or employment, these fundamental qualifications are so important to get individuals through the initial recruitment rounds prior to selection for interview. Then, making it to the interview stage, it is key to have previously researched the company and the job role, and to demonstrate emotional intelligence (self-management, social awareness and social skills) to suit the position.

Martin Halliday, Curriculum Performance Manager at York College, wants students to have the best chance of success when it comes to further training or employment, he says: “Studying hard, getting the right qualifications and developing a good work ethic are only the start. Having personal interests and experiences outside of College are essential to personal development and for every stage of career progression. I am grateful to Steve Mosey for sharing his valuable expertise and personal experiences, his advice will aid students enormously as they start to apply for their own career opportunities, and throughout their working lives.”

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