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10th December 2018

A Level Law students were inspired by a visit from Philip Morris, a Magistrate from York Magistrates’ Court, who spoke about his work and carried out a mock trial sentencing exercise to demonstrate court protocol and procedures.

Magistrate Philip Morris visit 6 December 18WEB

The pretend trial covered a real case of a young mother charged with attempted theft, with students taking on the roles of Crown Prosecutor, Defence Solicitor, Defendant, Probation Officer, the Legal Advisor and three Magistrates.

Student Sam Cammidges, formerly of Millthorpe School, played the role of one of the Magistrates, he said:The visit was enlightening and really brought to life what I had learnt about magistrates and sentencing, I really enjoyed it.” 

Law tutor Clare Kirton said: “This was a great opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the workings of a magistrates’ court and the different roles involved in the trial process. It was particularly relevant for students who want a career in law, the police, social work sectors, criminology or forensics, or in any aspect of social justice. The mock trial will especially help A Level Law, Politics and Sociology students when they study crime and deviance next year.”

Philip Morris said: “It was a delight to come and spend some time with the students. They were clearly engaged in the session and did an excellent job playing the different roles within the court.  The points raised and the questioning from the students in the audience were also really first rate.”


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