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29th November 2018

Well done to IT & Computing student Matthew Adeley for being the first student at the College to complete the national 2018/19 Read Ahead Challenge, reading six books in just three weeks. 

Matthew AdeleyWEB

Matthew has become an avid reader.  For the Challenge he read; The Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling, Stonecold by Robert Swindell, Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsay, Hunt for Red Roses (a poem about Wilfred Owen) by James Henry, and his favourite Doctor Who book; Revenge of the Judoon.

Matthew, previously from St Aidan's School Harrogate, also studies GCSE English and Maths alongside his main Level 2 study programme in IT & Computing. He says the Reading Ahead Challenge has helped him to improve his English grades: “I went up two grades in English last year and I know reading helps me to write and express myself more fluently. I love reading, it’s a form of escapism. I can turn off the computer, sit down quietly and relax into a book and really enjoy it. I like getting to know the different characters and completely immersing myself in the story.”

Matthew's Foundation English and maths tutor, Allison Hall says: “So far 80 students have taken on the 2018/19 Reading Ahead Challenge at York College, which is a national initiative to get young people reading and improving their English. Last year the College won a Bronze award for the amount of engagement students had in the Challenge, and this year the College is heading for a Silver, if not a Gold Award! Matthew has done well to be the first student to complete the six book challenge and he should feel very proud. Last year he progressed from Level 1 to Level 2 in his IT & Computing studies and this year his English is improving too - he has found a real passion for reading, which is great.”


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