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22nd November 2018

The latest exhibition in the College Gallery is by YO!collective; a group of contemporary, multi-disciplinary artists and creators based in York. The exhibition runs from 22nd November to 20th December 2018.

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 (Emily Binks)

The group’s practices vary vastly, including (but not limited to) mediums such as Digital, Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Performance and Mixed Media. They support improved access to contemporary art for all and are activists for art education. The group consists of art professionals from a variety of backgrounds and professions aiming to champion under-represented artists of the north; David Swales, Miranda Tuxworth, Jade Blood, Emily Binks, Lynette Quek, Richard Mackness, Adam Keay and Sam Swales Snowden. 

Emily Binks works predominantly in sculpture and installation, exploring what it means to survive in the 21st Century. She is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and was the recipient of the Glenfiddich Artist in Residence Award, in association with the Royal Scottish Academy 2016, and was recently shortlisted for the BLOOOM Award with Warstiner, Germany. Emily is showing work in exhibitions across the country, in cities including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Manchester and London. Her work has also featured in issues of 'Average Art' Magazine. www.emilyjbinks.com

David Swales explores the territory of painting, David creates collisions between abstract painting and the layout language of magazines, newspapers and other print-based media. The physical thrill of being present with a tactile object is important. He makes paintings that are the strange offspring of disparate, visual media - painting in an expanded field where surface and object share a kind of mutual parity.

Miranda Tuxworth confronts the challenges to her own practice and identity as an artist. She is drawn to Thoreau's idea of creativity stimulated by austerity. In 'Walden' he writes 'The shadows of poverty and meanness gather around us, " and lo! Creation widens to our view."...It is life near the bone where it is sweetest.' Miranda is interested in the precarious position of the artist and is influenced by Thoreau's ideas to reinterpret limitation and uncertainty in positive terms.

Jade Blood is an artist printmaker investigating authentic mark and colour by making small editions of prints on fabrics and paper. She achieves painterly marks by working directly on to screens and prints by hand for a spontaneous, free effect. Jade is currently studying on the BxNU MFA and her studio is based at The Baltic 39 in Newcastle. She also teaches in her home city, York.

Sam Swales Snowden is a painter whose predominant concern is the female experience, its place in art and in a wider cultural context. Her paintings are a mapping of an internal emotional space. Eventually each piece becomes a pared down composition of colour and space removed entirely from any semblance of representation, describing only its own physicality.

sam swales snowdenWEB

Lynette Quek is an audiovisual artist from Singapore, currently based in York (UK). With a recording arts background, she currently engages in projects that interact with sound, recording processes, and performance interactivity, interlocking with images that she creates through code. Her work occurs in series, each based on a certain theme, a thought of the moment, or simply just improvisatory studies.

Richard Mackness creates sculpture that often deals with dualities such as Synthetic / Evolved, Earthly / Divine, Priceless / Worthless and are characterised by expressive form and precise handling of materials. His creative practice includes commercial projects and design, which help support his sculpture studio. He has shown around the UK, in Europe and the U.S.A., including at the Whitechapel Gallery London, Aldeburgh Festival, Ikon Gallery Birmingham, Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg, Yorkshire Sculpture Park. www.richardmackness.com

Adam Keay tricks himself into painting, telling himself that the real act of painting will start later. His work investigates the edge before failure and the sense of relief when the image is destroyed. By the time you’ve taken enough notes for a book, then you have a book.


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