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14th September 2018

Brother and sister Bernardo and Maria Henriques enjoyed a unique opportunity to graduate together in the beauty of York Minster, having been schooled in Portugal and making the decision to come over to the UK to pursue higher education.

Maria and Bernardo Henriques - brother and sisterWEB

Bernardo, aged 22, studied BA (Hons) Business Leadership and Management, says: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to study in England as there is no such thing as a Higher Education Loan in Portugal. It has been wonderful to study at York College and with English not being our first language, we are proud to have coped with the challenge. It was an extra pressure listening and understanding the tutors’ dialects, as well as coping with the work load, particularly at first it was not easy. We are extremely happy to have achieved our degrees and feel indebted to our tutors for their support and encouragement."

Maria, aged 23, studied BA (Hons) Public Sector Leadership and Management adds: “Studying together we were able to motivate each other. Our learning became more interactive which made it easier to adapt, and the College was very flexible to our learning needs, which was lovely. Having had a break from studying over the summer, we are looking forward to seeing what opportunities are out there, we hope new doors will open for us and we want to explore where our higher level qualifications can lead us. We would like to develop our careers in this country.”

Their proud father could not have been happier watching his son and daughter graduate in York Minster, saying: “They were both brilliant at school and in coming over to the UK they have continued to work incredibly hard to complete their education. We are extremely grateful to the College and their tutors for enabling this to happen. This is every parent’s dream and the prestigious Graduation ceremony in York Minster was just perfect for the whole family to enjoy.”


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