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14th September 2018

PGCE graduate David Hambleton, aged 57, has added another qualification to his curriculum vitae at the York College Graduation Ceremony. He is embarking on a new teaching career having already enjoyed a successful career spanning 35 years in the worlds of finance, business and accounting.

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For the last 18 years David, from Tadcaster, has worked in Education as a Finance Director at the University of York St John, the University of Leeds and at Bradford College. Prior to the world of education he worked for several large corporations, in accounting, insurance and business, including PLCs in the City of London. He even worked in Electronics and Aerospace!

David explains: “My wife suddenly decided to resign from her managerial post in the NHS, to start working part-time. She felt so much better for it, with no travelling, less stress and more leisure time. It was a life changing event for her and I realised I too needed to make a change.”

Thinking through his options David returned to his favourite subject at school; mathematics. Even though he had worked in finance he missed ‘doing maths’. Already having a First Class degree in Maths and Sport (from Loughborough University) he looked at the closest place to home to gain a Post-graduate Teaching Certificate.

He says: “I was nervous about returning to education because I thought I would be learning alongside much younger people, however I was pleasantly surprised to see such a diverse range of ages in the classroom. The great thing about theYork College course is that the teaching practice is contained within the different Divisions of the College, which is so convenient. Even though the essay writing has been a challenge, I have enjoyed getting back in touch with maths so much and I’ve realised I want to work in the Further Education sector, teaching students who are keen to learn, on a part-time basis.”

David’s daughter Annaliese is an A Level student at York College and they have shared lifts and study time together over the past academic year. Following in her Dad’s footsteps, she too is about to embark on a new chapter of her life – at Loughborough University, but not before she helps her Dad celebrate his achievements, graduating in York Minster.


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