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23rd May 2018

In support of Dementia Awareness Week (21st - 27th May), York College welcomed local charity Dementia Forward to the campus on Monday. 

York College Dementia Awareness Week 2018 2

The charity is currently running a photography project entitled ‘show me you care’, where they are asking local people questions about care and dementia. The aim of the project is to make people think about how people are currently cared for, what is important for them, and how you as an individual would want to be cared for.

In addition to a thought-provoking questionnaire, staff and students were asked to pose for a photo with a yellow balloon. Amanda Hannen from Dementia Forward explained, “If you’re handed a balloon, you want to hold on to it so it doesn’t blow away. In a way, you’re caring for something that is fragile and vulnerable. And of course, yellow is our charity’s colour of choice!” 

York College Dementia Awareness Week 2018 1

Dementia Forward is a local charity, providing services and support for people living with dementia around York, Harrogate and Ripon. The charity organisation is currently travelling around North Yorkshire collecting photos and promoting debate around dementia and care, making people think about it from a personal perspective. Student Caitlyn commented, “I had never thought about how important it is to be cared for properly”. The visit also prompted a lot of thought from some of our staff members, like Linda, “I think it’s really hard work caring for people, in a scary part of their lives. It’s really made me think about how I would like to be cared for in that situation.”

York College Dementia Awareness Week 2018 3



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