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11th April 2018

Marking World Parkinson's Day, members of York Parkinson’s Association met with Health & Social Care students at York College to talk about their personal experiences of living with Parkinson’s and caring for someone with the condition.


Those with Parkinson’s gave honest portrayals of the effects of living with the illness. Family members also spoke about the trials and tribulations of caring for someone with Parkinson’s as well as the available treatments and potential causes of the disease. Their individual experiences and coping mechanisms prompted questions from the students.

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Level 2 Health & Social Care students took part in activities mimicking the symptoms of Parkinson’s - highlighting how difficult it is for a person with Parkinson’s. For example students took it in turns to wear rubber gloves whilst trying to take coins out of purse to understand the frustrations of having stiff joints and not being able to carry out a task quickly.

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Student Daisy Peirson (formerly of Malton School) said: “I didn’t know anything about Parkinson's - I simply associated it with shaking. Being able to talk to someone with the condition helped me to understand their frustrations and also relate to how they manage their symptoms.”


Joshua Lamplugh (formerly of Joseph Rowntree School) said: “Meeting the local Parkinson's Support Group was a great way to learn about the condition. It was interesting to find out about the many different ways Parkinson's can be diagnosed. In the future I hope to work in a caring role in the NHS so chatting with patients and carers about their coping mechanisms, symptoms and medication helped me to appreciate the patient and carer perspectives.”

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