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19th December 2017

York College staff have once again shown the real meaning of Christmas, gathering food and gift donations to provide 43 hampers in support of the Besom Hampers charity in York.

Besom collection 2017WEB

Besom Hampers 2017WEB

Religious Studies tutor Anna Lewis provided empty boxes in staff workrooms for staff to fill with Christmas treats. Anna says: “For many local people Christmas is a time of stress and worry, particularly if they are experiencing financial hardship. It is absolutely wonderful that the York College community can work together, in a practical way, to show love and support at this time of year.”

Besom hampers 1WEB

A Level Religious Studies student Katie Brookman helped with the collection of the hampers from around the College.  Katie said she had been moved by stories about the recipients of the hampers: "It seems some people really dread Christmas, they actually want to cancel Christmas because they cannot provide for their families. These hampers will make a massive difference to them. On a larger scale, we were told of one family whose children had no bed to sleep in until someone donated a bunkbed, it absolutely transformed their lives.”


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