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7th November 2017

Former Performing Arts (Acting) student, Eloise Bonney has returned to York College as a professional actor, performing with Odd Arts theatre company in an immersive piece about cyber bullying.

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The performance, aimed at helping young people to better understand the effects of cyber bullying, engaged student audiences in the hard-hitting facts and effects of the issue. The interactive theatre workshop gave students coping mechanisms to deal with cyber bullying amongst their peer groups, and it provided information on ways in which cyber bullying can be reduced.

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Business student Paige Taylor took an active role in one of the scenes, she said: “I learned that you have to stand up for yourself and for others, and that bullying is not right. Young people have to take responsibility and if we witness bullying we should report it.”

Having left York College five years ago with a Distinction in Performing Arts (Acting), Eloise she says: “I am pleased to return to my old College where my love of acting started. After College I did some travelling and teaching and over the last two years I’ve worked hard to pursue my acting career. Using the skills I learnt on my College course I have founded my own theatre company, Baobab Tree Theatre Company, and we focus on creating performances which blur the boundaries of reality to provide audiences with a new perspective on frequently misunderstood issues.

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Currently Eloise’s theatre company is developing a new project 'King Jack Queen' around the issue of sexual consent. The company intend to take the performance to the Adelaide Fringe in Australia, having already performed at the Greater Manchester Fringe. The company also hope to take the performance to Brighton and the Edinburgh Fringe, in the hope of widening their audience. The theatre company's funding page has more information and a video giving an insight into the project.


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