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15th September 2017

Having faced the realities of life-changing sporting injuries, Ashleigh Trainer (aged 25, from Middlesbrough) intends to forge a new career, working in athletics as a sports therapist in the USA.

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Graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy from York College, Ashleigh recalls the devastation she felt in 2012, whilst in the second year of her football scholarship at the Northern Oklahoma College USA, as goalkeeper, she was badly injured as she dived for a ball. This turn of events then meant Ashleigh was flown home for surgery on her dislocated knee and badly torn ligaments – bringing her promising footballing career in the States to an abrupt halt.

Being unable to play professional football and return to the States, Ashleigh was forced to stay in the UK, leaving her American fiancée waiting on the other side of the pond. Says Ashleigh: “I needed to take stock of my future and make a career change. It made sense to turn my attentions to sports therapy, which is absolutely massive in the States. With hundreds of sports teams needing treatments it seemed the obvious avenue for me to pursue.”

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“I decided to research the best places to study sports therapy in the UK and found that York College offered the most reputable course, even though it meant I had to travel from Middlesbrough. The course has been brilliant and more in-depth than I anticipated. The tutors are very knowledgeable and I have learnt so much. After three years of study I am excited about the future; I have new skills that will enable me to embark on a new career in a different aspect of sport. My visa application is being processed and shortly I hope to be reunited with my fiancé – she has been very patient whilst I have been studying in the UK and will share my big moment when I finally graduate in York Minster. The last few years have been hard but Sports Therapy degree brings new opportunities for me.”


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