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29th June 2017

York College Construction students have completed a community project at Woodhouse Grange Cricket Club in Sutton On Derwent, building a much-needed cricket pavilion and renovating other areas of the Ground.

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The building work took two years to complete, with approximately 40 students working collectively on different parts of the project. Level 1 & 2 students studying a range of construction crafts were involved in their own areas of expertise; bricklayers built the shelter, plasterers boarded and skimmed the ceilings and externally rendered other areas of the ground and score box, joinery students hung the doors, painting and decorating students painted the changing facilities and score box, as well as other buildings at the Ground ,and, nearing completion, the stonemasonry students made a commemorative plaque for the pavilion.

Woodhouse Grange Cricket Club project 1WEB

Club Chairman John Stroughair said: “We have more and more teams playing at Woodhouse Grange and needed better facilities for our second ground. With York College construction students providing much of the labour to supplement club volunteers efforts, and with generous materials donations from others, we have gone from having a very basic concrete slab shelter (like something you might find on a farm), to having a proper clubhouse/pavilion which we may be able to develop further in the future. The new facilities provide a practical focal point and gives our development and junior teams a real sense of pride and identity when they play here. It has been a pleasure to see the students working on the different areas of the construction – they enabled the job to be expedited and have seen it through to completion. The help from York College has been invaluable.”

Woodhouse Grange Cricket Cub project2WEB

Said Bricklaying tutor Mike Burdett: “Having a real life project to work on was hugely beneficial to staff and students, and the Club were very accommodating allowing the project to span two academic years. The community project gave us the opportunity to deliver a very worthwhile teaching and learning experience and we are delighted the Club can now operate more effectively due to the new facilities.”

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