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17th May 2017

Norwegian students at York College celebrated their National Day at a special lunchtime party in Ashfields restaurant, eating frankfurter hot dogs and cupcakes. 

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More than seventy teenagers who study A Levels or vocational courses on the Heltburg programme at York College, are from all areas of Norway. They enjoy the experience of studying a one year course at the College and living with host families in York.

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A Level student Maren Heggdal is appreciative of the efforts made by the College - putting on a Norwegian Day celebration for the whole group. She says: “At home I would normally be given the day off school and I would be wearing national costume and taking part in a street parade. It is kind of the College to make a special effort for us all as we are missing our families and friends in Norway today.”

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Student Johan Bertnes is having a break from A Level Maths, Physics and Computing.  He says: “If I was in Norway I would be celebrating with my family at a celebration held at my primary school, followed by lunch with my grandparents. I would then go out with my friends in the evening. It’s good that the College has put this event on for us during the day, as tonight I will be revising for exams!”

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