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25th April 2017

Members of York Parkinson’s Association addressed Healthcare students at York College about their personal experiences of living with Parkinson’s or caring for someone with the condition.

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Parkinson’s sufferers gave honest portrayals of the effects of living with such an illness from its effect on muscles and eyesight to the potential for drug-induced hallucinations and obsessive behaviour. Access and Level 3 students were also invited to take part in activities that mimicked the symptoms of Parkinson’s and highlighted just how difficult it is for a person with Parkinson’s to do even simple tasks such as doing up buttons on a blouse. There were also family members who spoke about the trials and tribulations of caring for someone with Parkinson’s as well as the available treatments and potential causes of the disease.

Access Nursing student Ellie Jobson (formerly of St Aidan's and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form) said of the talk: “It was nice for everyone to share their personal experiences of Parkinson’s. I work as a carer for people with Parkinson’s and was interested to hear about the family members’ perspective of caring for someone with the condition.”

Parkinsons WEB

Level 3 Health & Social Care student Emily Kettlestring (formerly of Fulford School) said: “I found it really interesting to hear from a Parkinson’s sufferer and to try the activities that showed how difficult it would be to live with the condition.” Said fellow student Tyler Sheldon (formerly of Tadcaster Grammar School): “I didn’t know anything about the realities of living with Parkinson’s beforehand and found it to be a really insightful talk. I think it will really help with my studies as I can now better understand the patient and carer perspectives.”

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