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9th April 2018

An exhibition by Lisa-Marie Dickinson; ‘Vernacular’ – adjective: (of language) spoken as one's mother tongue; not learned or imposed as a second language, is showing in the York College Gallery between 9th April and 11th May 2018.

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Lisa-Marie Dickinson (born 1993) is an artist, writer and teacher based at The Art House, Wakefield. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally after completing her degree in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts in 2015. Since graduating she has developed her practice to encompass sculpture, print making, textile design and installation.

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A New Vernacular is the second part to a solo exhibition entitled Mother Tongue, held at Serf, Leeds in October 2017. Interested in the ways language can manifest and the vessels of communication used in daily life, Dickinson uses snippets of conversation and excerpts from her notebook to create narratives for her work. A New Vernacular presents a series of tactile sculptural and fabric works portraying abstracted ways in which we can communicate; written language distorts to become nonsense and mid-sentence mouths become motifs for the act of speech in an exhibition where the works and the audience are invited and encouraged to be in conversation with each other.

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Art & Design tutor, Steven Hemingway, who runs the Gallery space at York College says: “This is a thought provoking exhibition about language and communication. I am delighted to showcase Lisa’s work here at the College and I feel students, staff and visitors will enjoy this challenging exhibition.”

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