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21st January 2018

The York College Volunteering Club presented a cheque to the York Food Bank after raising £93.81 from the proceeds of a Bake Sale held in the College atrium. 

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This Xtra-Curricular activity involved a group of students in baking their own items and promoting their event to sell goods to students and staff. The students felt that, despite York being regarded as an ‘affluent’ area, there was still a large number of homeless people living in the city and many people weren’t in a position to buy enough food for themselves. From their research, they established that little funding was being awarded to the city to tackle social issues such as these and, as a group, they felt they wanted to do something to help.

Laura Chalmers, Project Manager for the York Food Bank, was grateful to receive the cheque from the students, saying: “Our charity completely relies on donations from the general public, including volunteers. Every single penny counts towards feeding local people who been referred in a crisis situation. Last year York Food Bank fed just under 4,000 people.”

In addition, Access to Social Sciences student Daryl Byrne raised over £70.00 for the charity by setting up an online Just Giving page. Daryl said: “People needing to use food banks is a big issue nationally and I think people tend to forget that there are needy people in York.

The York College Volunteering group meet weekly and is always looking for projects to help others.

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