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20th March 2017

York College Gallery is pleased to present a new solo exhibition, A Slight Breeze, by artist Bijan Amini-Alavijeh, from 21st March - 21st April 2017.

Using drawing as his first medium to explore composition and the creation of new shapes, Amini-Alavijeh works initially with the structure of mathematical isometric grids, experimenting with their rules through a repetitive systematic approach. Abstraction of shapes born within the grid become motifs which, combined with uncertain colour palettes lead way for the transformation into painting.


‘A Slight Breeze'’ presents Amini-Alavijehs most recent series of investigations into the potential of the grid. Originating from the same blank grid, a system is created with each new drawing, as the starting point progresses from one corner of the grid to the other through precise, measured intervals. A continuous line follows the grid, deflecting its borders and intersecting itself until the end of the grid is reached- a corner, where the line can no longer be deflected. With each shift across the grid the outcome flips between both energetic and minimal patterns.

The addition of verticals enhances the movement of the intersecting lines and what remains is a shifted isometric grid. Extracting these verticals to create the body of a shape becomes the basis of each painting. An exploratory colour palette creates juxtaposing pairings broadened through use of layering, translucency and opacities.


Steve Hemingway, curator of York College Gallery says of the exhibition: “I am delighted to present this exhibition by Bijan Amini-Alavijeh. I am sure his unique vision will be inspirational to all of our students and staff. I had the pleasure of teaching Bijan eight years ago and it has been great to see his journey from student through to professional artist”.


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