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9th March 2017

Brought up by grandparents, having to walk miles and miles to school, makes Julitin Coulthard appreciate the opportunity to further her education and study Business to the highest level at York College.

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Julitin explains: “As a child growing up in Kenya, education was not free, which made it very hard to learn and progress. Even though my family were financially dependent on an irrigation farm, somehow I managed to open my own business selling second hand clothes. Gradually I built up the business, opening two boutiques selling new clothes and hair products. My business was importing goods from Dubai and other countries and I had employees working for me.”

In 2006 Julitin came to the UK and began working for a leading supermarket chain. Now ten years on, she has a nine year old son who is doing brilliantly at school, and she continues to work in a supermarket... the difference is she has her education all sewn up!

Having enrolled at York College to study Functional Skills GCSE Maths and English, she achieved the grades to start studying the Access to HIgher Education Diploma Business course. Says Julitin, aged 40 from Selby: “The Access to Business qualification will enable me to study a degree in Business at university, and I am excited to already have four university offers on the table.”

Even though Julitin has previously owned a successful business, she knows that she lacks a formal business education. She says: “The Access course is teaching me so much about business and the essential study skills required for university level studies. My tutors are fantastic and I feel very comfortable studying in such a friendly environment. I have a goal in sight; I am determined to have a successful business once again, and this time I will understand the rules and regulations involved. As yet I don’t know what kind of business it will be, but I do know that my determination to do well in my studies will help me to achieve my goals. York College has given me everything I need, I have a life to look forward to where my hopes and dreams can be realised.”

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