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7th March 2017

Jade Douglas, a former A Level student who excelled in Languages at York College, took time out to return to her old classroom to teach current AS Level German students, and her former tutor, about how life used to be in East Germany (DDR).

Jade Douglas returns to teach AS German studentsWEB

Jade gave a presentation to AS Level German students about the DDR – one of their topics of study, and a subject which is also in Jade’s area of interest. Encouraging the class to discuss her presentation and give feedback, student Alice Mahon (formerly of All Saints RC School) said: “Jade’s class was interesting, we were asked to think differently about the DDR, the topic was brought to life in a real way and gave us a unique and intriguing insight.”

Jade says: “I enjoyed learning languages at Millthorpe School, then during my A Level studies at York College my love for French and German intensified. In 2010 I progressed to the University of Leeds to study a BA (Hons) in French and German and happily carried on with my studies, achieving an MA in Professional Language and Intercultural Studies. My love of languages has led me to where I am now, in my second year of studying a PhD in Contemporary German Literature. 

“It’s great to return to York College. Being back in the very room where I studied A Level German and where I was completely enthused by my tutor, Alison Armstrong. It’s weird and also a bit nerve wracking for me to be stood in front of the class teaching current AS Level students, and with my former tutor in the classroom too!" 

Tutor Alison Armstrong said: “It’s lovely to see Jade again. When she studied A Level German with us she had a natural flair for the subject and I knew she would go on to great things. I’m not surprised to see her back here teaching me one or two things! She is an inspiration to our current students and we are very proud of her.”

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