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23rd February 2017

Rebecca Room, from Melbourne near Pocklington, was once a television acclaimed chef. Fast forward a few years and she is studying the Foundation Degree in Computer Systems, Design and Solutions at York College, making a total career change she is absolutely passionate about.  

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Rebecca started studying history at university a year early, aged just 17. However, it was an experience she did not enjoy, deciding to leave after the first semester. Finding employment in sales, Rebecca started working her way up from telesales, to brokering and software sales, then left in 2010 to have children.

With a young family Rebecca looked for employment to fit around her new life. Working as a chef (evenings and weekends) her talents shone through, even getting to the television stages of Master Chef the Professionals. However, with this experience came the realisation that she did not have the passion for food that other good chefs shared - she did not see cheffing as a long term career.

Rebecca’s friends and family encouraged her to completely change direction. They said: “You love computers and all the latest technology, you should look into working with computers.” Then, coincidentally, when searching the York College website, Rebecca recognised her former boss featured as student on the Foundation Degree in Computer Systems, Design and Solutions. She said: “I felt empowered to enquire about the course and before I knew it I was enrolled!”.

The rest is history! Rebecca, aged 31, says: “It’s like someone has flicked a switch; I’m now working on web-design and coding and absolutely loving it. I thought I might go into teaching but now I know that coding is what fascinates me – it’s a bit like cooking, to solve problems there’s a basic recipe and then, using my coding knowledge, I can embellish and add my own flair. Everything else I’ve done was just a job, but this is something I find exciting, I feel passionate about it. I really do see myself working in industry now, there’s nothing else I’d rather do.”

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